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Peltone to agencja kreatywna specjalizująca się w projektowaniu i developmencie stron internetowych, aplikacji oraz brandingu. Od momentu założenia w 2017 r. z powodzeniem wprowadziliśmy na rynek dziesiątki produktów cyfrowych. Obecnie tworzymy zespół doświadczonych freelancerów projektantów. Mamy siedzibę w Lublinie, ale dzięki pracy zdalnej jesteśmy w stanie dostarczać najwyższej jakości rozwiązania klientom na całym świecie.


Product designer


gru 2017 - obecnie (6 lat 1 mies.)

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Peltone sp. z o.o.



Wyżyna Przemysłowa

SUMMARY is an online platform that serves the development of the industrial ecosystem in the region. The site provides in-depth industry news and trends, keeping users up-to-date on the latest developments. A participant's panel allows users to bid on announced tenders. Users can also browse various industry categories to discover companies that match their interests. The site is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to connect with companies and stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and trends. WHAT WE'VE DONE 1. Map site 2. Low fidelity mockups 3. Website design 4. Components UI-kit 5. Participant area 6. Development 7. Quality Assurance 8. Support

Dziki Wschód

SUMMARY As the UI designer for the website, our goal was to enhance the user experience, visual appeal related with brand rebranding, and overall functionality of the site. We aimed to create a design that reflects the unique beer offerings of Brewery Dziki Wschód while ensuring ease of navigation and engagement for visitors. We started by refreshing the homepage with new key visual elements that capture the essence of Brewery Dziki Wschód's new way for development, creating an inviting atmosphere that resonates with visitors. ‍ WHAT WE'VE DONE 1. Map site 2. Low fidelity mockups 3. Website Mockups in Figma 4. UI kit 5. Development in Wordpress mobile and desktop version 6. Prepare all items to portfolio 7. Support ‍

Floomli GPS

SUMMARY As the UI/UX designer for the FloomliGPS app, I'm excited to share our approach to creating a user-friendly and intuitive experience for tracking and managing GPS devices. Our design focuses on simplicity, functionality, and an attractive visual identity that resonates with the app's purpose. The project was done together with APP DESCRIPTION: ‍FloomliGPS is a mobile application designed for tracking and managing GPS devices, catering to both personal and business use cases. The app allows users to monitor the real-time location of their assets, vehicles, or loved ones, ensuring safety and efficient management. ‍ UI / UX DESIGNED: Simplified Onboarding: We designed the onboarding process to be more streamlined, allowing users to set up their devices and accounts quickly. Clear instructions and visuals guide users through the setup steps. Dashboard Overview: The dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of all tracked devices, with real-time location updates and key information displayed in a clean and organized manner. Map Integration: The app's central feature is a dynamic map interface that displays the real-time locations of devices. Users can zoom in, switch between map types, and view device trails. Device Management: A dedicated section allows users to add, edit, and remove devices. Each device is represented by a card with details and options for custom naming. Geofencing: Users can set up geofences around specific areas and receive notifications when a tracked device enters or exits the designated zones. Notifications: The app provides customizable notifications and alerts for various events, such as low battery, device movement, and geofence breaches. ‍ ‍ WHAT WE'VE DONE 1. App UI 2. Light and dark mode 3. Logo and branding 4. UI kit with components


SUMMARY As the UI/UX designer tasked with the redesign of, I'm excited to present our approach to improving the user experience and visual appeal of the website. Our focus is on creating a clean, user-friendly design that effectively communicates the educational offerings and encourages user engagement. UI /UX IMPROVEMENTS : - Hero Section: A dynamic hero banner with high-quality images and a concise tagline that communicates the core values and benefits of Enedu. - Featured Courses: A prominent section highlighting a selection of flagship courses, each accompanied by a captivating image, brief description, and "Learn More" button. - Testimonials: Real student testimonials in a visually appealing carousel format to build credibility and establish trust. - Clear Navigation: A streamlined and intuitive navigation menu that leads users to essential sections. - Course Overview: A comprehensive course overview with a brief description, objectives, purchase, meeting calendar. - Curriculum and Modules: A structured breakdown of the course curriculum with each module's description, resources, and any related materials. - Instructors: Profiles of the course instructors with their qualifications and expertise. - School Listings: A grid-based layout with school logos, brief descriptions, and direct links to each school's dedicated page. - School Details: On each school's dedicated page, detailed information about the institution, its mission, programs, and achievements. - Partnerships: Highlight collaborations and partnerships with schools to showcase credibility and industry connections. - Filter Options: A range of filters such as course type, duration, location, and more for users to refine their search. - Course Cards: Clear and consistent course cards featuring course name, image, short description, and "Learn More" button. ‍ WHAT WE'VE DONE 1. Home page; in-house course view, online course view, schools view, 2. UI/UX improvements 3. UI components 4. Mobile and desktop version 5. Typography in logo

Praca w medycynie

SUMMARY is a classifieds service specializing in announcing job opportunities for medical professions in Poland. The site is designed to connect job seekers with employers looking for qualified medical professionals. Employers can advertise job openings on the site and search for suitable candidates. Job seekers can search for jobs and apply for positions that match their qualifications and experience. The site offers a wide range of medical professions, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, lab technicians and many others. Users can browse job listings by location, specialty and experience level. In addition to job listings, the site also provides for creating a business card page for the recruiting company, adding medical events, and creating a recruiter account. Overall, is an excellent resource for both job seekers and employers looking to find and fill medical vacancies in Poland. ‍ WHAT WE'VE DONE 1. Map site 2. Design user interface 3. Logo and branding 4. Component UI-kit 5. Development in Angular 6. Database in Firebase 5. Recruitment and admin panel

Milo Solutions

SUMMARY New website for a software house, there are several key steps that would typically be involved in the process. Firstly, a thorough analysis of the software house's business needs and objectives would be conducted. This would involve identifying the target audience for the site, as well as the key products and services that the software house offers. Based on this analysis, a plan or strategy for the website would be developed. Next, the website's design and structure would be developed. This would involve creating a visual layout or wireframe of the site, as well as selecting appropriate colors, typography, and other design elements that would be used to create a cohesive and visually appealing site. The website's structure would also be established, including the navigation system, sitemap, and any sub-pages or sections that would be included. ‍ WHAT WE'VE DONE 1. Map site 2. Improve user experiences 3. Website redesign & optimization 4. Component-based UI-kit 5. Product Design Sprints to explore new functionality


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